Tikki London

Drawstring Bag Mini, Patchwork


*Finished size W6” x H5” (15cm x 13cm)

This is a PDF print-at-home sewing PATTERN 

Mini Drawstring Bag Pattern

* Boxed base

Material requirements:

* 2” squares of assorted fabrics

* 5” (13cm) fabric for the drawstring channel

* 1 x Fat⅛ (11” by 18”) of fabric for lining

* 1 x 7” by 14” piece of Thermolam 272 batting by Vilene (Pellon in the USA)

* 1yd (80cm) waxed cotton cord

* Sewing thread to match

Optional:  Clover bodkin tool

Price US$5.95  (= approx. £4.95)